Future Is Distributed

Game changing technology leading to countless enhancements and new applications

We are a firm believers that krypto and blockchain technologies will change the way we access and transfer values. At KIP we are looking to explore these technologies and develop or invest into services that will enable a seamless usage and reliance upon these technologies for the mutual benefit of all the stakeholders.

KIP believes that such services will have significant impact and will form a bedrock values for the digital economy in the 21st century whilst improving lives of millions and cutting down on the red tape.


Think-Tank For Tommorow

Communication. Trust. Value.

KIP is a private limited company, formed to explore opportunities in krypto and blockchain technologies for the benefit of its private Members. Members are allowed to join by invitation only. At KIP we actively engage at forming a think-thank from our Members for the benefit of the company development. We are looking for a wide variety of background and knowledges in order to gain a deeper understanding of different industries and apply new technologies.


Paradigm Shift

Utilizing advanced technologies

Krypto and blockchain are going to change the paradigm of value transfer and data access. However, we are also working with technologies like deep learning & AI, that will enable us to collect, organize and analyse data more efficiently.


Involved in a new project

Technology building blocks for digital assets trading automation

Weekend Media Festival was a success!

We held a panel discussion on "Blockchain - Bureaucracy Killer"